Ad of the Day: A Heroic Dweeb Doesn’t Quite Get the Girl in This Funny French Breakfast Ad

5 more minutes?

If you like a good twist ending, check out this French action-comedy spot for Mondelez's Tassimo coffee and Belvita breakfast cookies.

It plays on classic (hackneyed) tropes—a nerdy guy makes for an unlikely, comic-book-style hero, rescuing a damsel in distress from a group of sinister hoodlums. But it's full of funny little surprises.

Created by Buzzman and set in New York City, the casting also flirts, at the very least, with xenophobic stereotypes (darker-skinned criminals vs. lighter-skinned innocents). But—spoiler alerts ahead—try to keep a straight face when the woman starts making a sound that's not quite human (also, in real life, the chivalrous knight is actually wearing a different kind of white shining armor).

And for anyone who doesn't pick up the point from the visuals alone, the upshot of the French tagline is that the readymade products will let you sleep five minutes longer—so you can finish off that sweet dream. (So, even the payoff is a bit of a cliché, but in context, it's unexpected.)

Unfortunately for Jean-Francois, it probably just means he'd still wake up right before the next, even better part.


Client: Mondelez (Tassimo/Belvita)

Agency: Buzzman

Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Head of TV: Vanessa Barbel

Agency Producer: Elodie Poupeau

Creative: Stéphane List

Creative: Antoine Moittié

Director: Remy Cayuela

Producer: Capucine Charbonnier @ Frenzy Paris

Producer: Julie Mathieu @ Frenzy Paris

Producer: Courtney Davies @ Doomsday Entertainment

Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde @ Doomsday Entertainment

DOP: Jeff Bierman

Production Designer: Susie Francis

Editor: Gopal Puntos

Colorist: Cedrick Lacour

1st AD: Allen Scudder

Production Manager: Bretanya Dubin

1st AC: Lenny Walsh

Gaffer: Brice Bradley

Key Grip: Sergio Silva

Steadicam: Neal Bryan

Makeup/Hair: Erika Frank

Stylist: Chris Velasco

Stunt Coordinator: Mindy Kelly

Postproduction: Firm Studio

Sound Postproduction: Benzene