Ad of the Day: Got Milk?

Two new spots directed by Jeff Goodby explain why milk is the drink of your dreams

Sweet dreams are made of … milk?

According to two new spots in the long-running "Got milk?" campaign, you'll soar a lot longer in those "Look at me, I can fly!" dreams and loll in the embrace of a smokin' hot water nymph if you just drink milk before bed.

Short of a rubber mallet over the head, it's a tall order to help the 40 percent of Americans who suffer from sleeplessness get a good night's rest. But these new commercials for the California Milk Processor Board, from San Francisco ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, suggest that the tryptophan in milk makes it a good nighttime choice.

Since every new batch of ads tout milk for a different "occasion" or benefit—most infamously as a cure for PMS—insomnia apparently was next in line. The new spots, directed by Jeff Goodby, aim to show what happens if you skip that glass of white. Dreamus interruptus!

A couple of Spanish-language spots, here and here, from L.A.'s Grupo Gallegos get even more surreal, but with much happier endings.

The Goodby campaign includes a few somnambulistic offshoots like a sleep hotline—(855) Milk-zzz—where "the world's most boring man" will read pi until you pass out or hang up, and digital bus-shelter ads of people yawning.

It remains to be seen if the message, "What, you don't like interrupted dreams? There might just be a drink for that," works better for the marketer than, "For people who've never heard of Ambien."


Client: California Milk Processor Board/"Got Milk?"

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Director: Jeff Goodby