A Cuddly Teddy Bear Roams Walmart’s Aisles After Closing Time in Cute Canadian Holiday Spot

How much awww can you bear?

Uh oh. Don't get busted, little fella. Walmart Canada

A mischievous teddy bear comes to life after hours, hops off the shelf and explores the aisles of a Walmart in agency Cossette’s cuddly Canadian ad for the retail giant.
Peep the awww-some display as our hero checks out various hot-selling items, like a Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn (ew) and interactive Grumblies plush pets (meh). The imp even surfs Walmart.ca (to buy itself?) and scarfs down several pints of Häagen-Dazs (perhaps they were out of honey).
The spot features a Gund Plush Brown Bear, priced about $15 at Walmart, and we’re told that since the ad broke, the toy has indeed been flying off the shelves.
Will our bear find a forever home with a cute kid for the holidays? It’s not much of a spoiler to say there’s a happy ending:

After watching that clip, even this cynical scribe’s cold heart feels warmer. (Bah humbug, it must be indigestion!)
Walmart’s year-end push also marks the return of its Toy Academy site, with youthful gifting expert Olivia dispensing yuletide tips to help parents across the Great White North spend spend spend:

This marks Cossette’s first project as Walmart’s lead agency in Canada. Previously, the client worked with JWT.
The campaign captures a sense of brand-fueled charm and magic, thanks in large part to lively direction from Adweek Toronto Brand Star Mark Zibert. He tells a sweet story sans dialogue, with just the right dose of seasonal sentimentality and a great assist from Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home to Me.”
And if the bear’s new situation at the ad’s finale doesn’t work out, the scamp can always retire to Florida with its pals from Heathrow’s festive commercial or hang out with Coca-Cola’s ursine crew at the North Pole.
Advertiser: Walmart Canada
Agency: Cossette
Production House: Scouts Honour
Director: Mark Zibert
Post-Production: Saints Editorial, The Vanity, A52
Sound: Pirate
Media Agency: Mindshare
Public Relations: APEX
Digital: Medianet
Social Media Agencies: Church + State, Reprise
In-Store Collateral: St. Joseph Communications

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