The 9 Best Responses to the Queen’s First Tweet

An accurate reflection of the Twitter experience

Early this morning (for us here in the western Colonies, at least), Queen Elizabeth II made royal waves by posting what's reported to be her first tweet.

Delivered from her own gloveless hand, the tweet via @BritishMonarchy was created to celebrate the launch of a new exhibit at London's Science Museum.

In the hours since, it has tallied more than 13,000 retweets and 12,000 favorites, and the message is sure to continue spreading throughout the day.

In the true spirit of the Internet, she was met with an amusing mix of warm welcome, biting sarcasm and outright hostility. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

This guy from the Guardian had one modest request:

This popular parody account is not amused:

This guy gets right down to business:

This Washington Post editor earned a gold star:

This weather man's obviously on #TeamFollowBack:

This guy will probably not be a follower:

This sartorial insight is on point:

This guy from The Wall Street Journal is a total buzzkill, but probably has a point:

This guy knows us well: