8 of the Most Extreme Extreme-Weather Ads


Audi Quattro – “Rain”

This 2000 commercial is probably the best example of what NOT to do in inclement weather. Undeterred by a downpour, this spot's little girl protagonist opts to frolic and at times even swim in the flooding waters. After having her fun, our hero hops in and makes use of the Audi Quattro's all-wheel drive. The message: if you're going to evacuate, then do it in style.


Volkswagon Golf – GTI

There's homage, and then there's Gene Kelly poppin' and lockin' all over the street in this updated take on the 1952 classic musical. While the rain in the video pretty much mirrors what the East Coast is experiencing right now, you might want to think twice before breakdancing through puddles in Times Square...


Mercedes – There Is No Bad Weather

Looking to cheat on your significant other? There's no better time than during inclement weather...that is, if you happen to be the proud owner of a Benz. We don't want to spoil the twist at the end of this blizzardy infidelity-laden spot, but let's just say the Mercedes-owning Anderson Cooper-lookalike gets his revenge...sort of.


Mastercard – Tornado Spot

You know those times when a massive tornado funnel is bearing down on your quaint farm house at breakneck speeds, tossing your frightened Jack Russell terrier across the room, uprooting your house from its foundation and you couldn't care less? Impending doom? Please, this lady has high heels to buy. Mastercard may keep you safe while shopping online, but this dedicated online shopper is poised for a Darwin Award. Ah, the price we pay for high fashion...


StatOil – Bad Morning

It's not quite winter yet, but if you believe the hype Frankenstorm will be in full effect when Hurricane Sandy merges with a formidable Canadian cold front. The perfect storm? Maybe. But probably just a lot of snow. Should you find yourself in a blizzard this week, heed the lessons of this great StatOil spot and be sure to 'know your vehicle.' For East Coasters, I suppose we can take some solace in the fact that—as bad as it gets—at least it won't be freezing...


Mountain Dew – DEWmocracy Typhoon

Get ready for a typhoon...OF FLAVOR. In this quick 15-second spot, Mountain Dew delivers the ultimate PSA for getting annoying bros and babes off your beach. It's quick and to the point, although that giant red wall of water is hitting a little too close to home today...


Dominos – Avoid The Noid

When it comes to bad mascots, it hardly gets much worse than Domino's Noid. Half-man, perhaps half-rabbit, Noid is a deranged lunatic hell-bent on destroying Domino's sterling record of hot and fresh on-time pizza deliveries. It's not clear exactly why Noid is manipulating mother nature in this bizarre 80's spot, but we don't like it or Noid one bit.


Saiontz & Kirk – “Bad Weather”

Crash your car during bad weather? Lawyer up! This grim Baltimore-area law office commerical provides some solid safety tips, but then makes sure to note that if all else fails, just sue the other guy blind! Complete with eerie music, rolling fog, and wildly flipping cars, this spot has it all. Added bonus for the pay phone cameo. Oh, 1996! A simpler time, indeed.