Refinery29’s Visually Stunning 29Rooms Is Back, and Here’s a Look at Every Single One

Getting out the vote is a big theme this year

Drag queens perform at the Smirnoff bar during the 29Rooms VIP kick-off party. Photographs by Dianna McDougall for Adweek
Headshot of Dianna McDougall

The 29Rooms experience from Refinery29, a celebration of art and culture through interactivity (and selfies), has returned to Brooklyn for its fourth year.

Here’s what we found in each room:

Room 01
In Light of You, Jose A. Roda
Blurring the lines of sex and gender to unveil radical, authentic individuality.

Room 02
Teen Bedroom, Uzumaki Cepeda
Likely one of the most underrated installations in the entire space for the working Nintendo 64 alone, this fur-covered bedroom is a blast to the elder-millennial’s teenage past.

Room 03
Love Letter To The World, Cocovan
The ongoing collaboration of the World Letter comes to 29Rooms.

Room 04
Shake It Out, Egle Zvirblyte
Visitors are encouraged to let loose amongst eight flailing inflatable characters.

Room 05
The Support System, Reebok partnership
To introduce Reebok’s new PureMove Bra the brand created a space to swing.

Room 06
Ace the Midterms, Yara Shahidi and Eighteenx18
Getting out the vote was a recurring theme throughout this year’s 29Rooms.

Room 07
Dream Doorways, Kali Uchis
A surreal interpretation of dreams including doorways to alternate realities.

Room 08
Artists in Residence, Joao Salomao
Various artists turn this versatile room into a space to share their art forms with visitors in a hands-on approach.

Room 09
The Flavor Oasis, Bai partnership
Behind the dry, dreamy desert exterior is an oasis composed of a guy who hands you a bottle of Bai.

Room 10
Inner Beauty Ball, House of Yes
The longest line for any room can be found outside of House of Yes’ raging dance party. With a live DJ, a cast of performers and multiple glitter beards, House of Yes makes it impossible to have a bad time.

Room 11
Star Matter, Nicole Richie
Visitors are immersed in a “cosmic pilgrimage of love” inspired by the California night sky and the 1970s.

Room 12
Live Boldly Through Beauty, Revlon partnership
Keeping in mind that most people visiting 29 Rooms are there to have their photo taken, Revlon equipped their space with products and makeup artists.

Jagger does a quick touch-up between visitors at Revlon's room.
Evan Duff and Paco May take a selfie in a larger-than-life tube of lipstick.

Room 13
The Values Stand, The NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment
Telling people to vote wasn’t quite enough for the NYC Mayor’s Office. Next to their newsstand was a functioning interactive station where visitors could actually register to vote.

Room 14
The Full Picture, Shatterbox and TNT
Refinery29 showcases their new series, Shatterbox, that focuses on emerging female storytellers.

Room 15
Sonic Sanctuary, Aaron Taylor Kuffner
Bronze gongs polished to a mirror create sound with electronic hammers and corresponding lights. Visitors are encouraged to put their phones away and find tranquility within themselves.

Room 16
A Long Line of Queendom, Unbothered
A decadent space celebrating the legacy of black excellence and achievement.

Refinery29's Sesali Bowen and friends Kellie Brown and Ericka Hart strike a pose.

Room 17
Reality Rendered, Magenta Field
Early computer graphics are interpreted in a physical space to challenge the expectations in reality.

Room 18
Know! Your! Rights!, ACLU
Spin a giant wheel, test your strength and win the opportunity to learn your rights.

Room 19
The Idea Incubator, Dr.Jart+ partnership
A look inside the brand’s creative process in a skincare lab.

Rooms 20-21
Between the Sheets, Rupi Kaur
With poetry guiding the experience, visitors are brought closer to their lightness with every step.

Cameron Monaghan (left)

Room 22
In Touch, Whisperlodge
If you’re a fan of ASMR and are OK with being blindfolded in public then this room is a real treat. With no sight, visitors are asked to follow the pace of an ASMR narrator while feeling a wall of terrain, heat and mist.

Susan Claxton

Room 23
You Are Magic, The Hoodwitch
Visitors are empowered to awaken their inner magic inside a gorgeous crystal cave.

Room 24
Aldo Artcade, Aldo partnership
Another retro game made it into 29Rooms as Aldo installed two “Dance Dance Self-Evolution” stations.

Room 25
A Feeling You Wear, Pantene partnership
Did you really think we’d make it through all the rooms without seeing a ball pit?

Room 26
Money Mantras, Money Diaries
Refinery29’s column-turned-book Money Diaries gets a room of its own.

Room 27
29 Questions, Refinery29
Strangers are paired together and asked to meditate and open themselves up through a series of questions.

Room 28
The Moxy Play House, Moxy Hotels partnership
Moxy presents an interactive playhouse.

Room 29
A Conversation With Your Inner Child, Carlota Guerrero
The final room of the experience is also the only room with natural light. Sculptures of an adult and child encourage the conversation that one can have with one’s inner child. Visitors are asked to reflect, write a note to their inner child and post it to wall.

Bonus: Not a room but a dance floor
The staff lost their minds when Refinery29 co-founder and 29Rooms mastermind Piera Gelardi hit the dance floor.