160over90 Makes a Case for CAREer

NEW YORK In an effort to attract employees to the mental health profession, 160over90 has launched a $550,000 campaign that aims to generate 20,000 candidate inquiries.

Sponsored by CAREer, a cooperative of county agencies and not-for-profit organizations in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia shop’s campaign aims to sell candidates on a difficult profession that pays little more than “burger shuffling,” said Shannon Slusher, founder and CEO of 160over90.

“These people who we’re hoping to pull into this industry are the same people who would get a job at McDonald’s or KMart” said Darryl Chilli, agency creative director. “So we have to create just as engaging a brand for CAREer.”

The work focuses on the “unique selling points” of a career spent caring for the mentally retarded. One of four print ads shows the words “Daily Grind,” but a slash through the “d” changes the phrase to “Daily Grin.”

“Want a career that’s more than a paycheck?” accompanying body copy asks, urging candidates to call the CAREer hotline or visit www.carecareer.org.

A 30-second TV spot uses the same device, but employs motion graphics to transform the word “Job” into “Joy” and “Hire” into “Inspire.”

“This job is about how you feel at the end of the day,” Chilli said.

Slusher said the shop spent nearly a year crafting the campaign, including months of research on the area’s varied demographics. The result is work that targets women between 25 and 35 with a slant toward the African American population, she said.

The ads are running in Philadelphia newspapers and on commuter and transit authority trains. Thirty-second TV commercials will air on local network affiliates and radio spots will play on area stations. The campaign will also include movie theater ads.