The 10 Scariest Babies in Advertising


Luvs’ Pooping Babies (2011)

A pooping contest, with judges holding scores aloft? Poor taste. Set to Tag Team's "Whoomp! (There It Is)," reimagined as "Poop! (There It Is)"? Worse taste. Voted the worst commercial of 2011 by Consumerist readers. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.

2’s Baby Bob (1999)

Relatively speaking, Bob is pretty boring. He slouches in an armchair, like any other baby. But he yammers fast, like an infomercial salesman. And in 1999, he was a pioneer. A riveting mini-blob pitching a company called (remember dialup?). Anyway, after his own short-lived and widely panned TV show, launched in 2002, Bob—still a windbag—returned to the advertising game, hawking for Quiznos from 2005 to 2006. Agency: Siltanen & Partners, Los Angeles.


E*Trade’s Broker Baby (2008)

He's amusingly finance savvy and annoyingly self-assured. He buys stocks. He smugly advises you, stupid grownup, to get your act together and invest. Still, he spits up all over himself. (He also gets parodied when the market tanks.) He debuted on the 2007 Super Bowl, and became an instant classic. And the series crawls on. Agency: Grey, New York.


Evian’s Roller Babies (2009)

They grin. They dance on roller skates. They're also a throwback to a 1998 Evian ad starring synchronized swimmer babies. Nonetheless, they go viral, and pave the way for more ads featuring babies with bizarre grownup talents. Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris.


Rocksmith’s Guitar-Shredding Baby (2011)

Throw the horns. Enough said. Agency: Cutwater, San Francisco.


Pepsi NEXT’s Meta Baby (2012)

Your baby break dances? Shreds guitar? Whatever. Check out this new low-calorie soda. A self-aware nod to the industry's obsession with over-the-top infants. Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles.


BabyLove’s Exploding Diaper Baby (2009)

A baby in a diaper ad might seem natural. This ad is not. This baby is adorable. Its gross exploding poop is not. Please, don't let this happen to you. Buy BabyLove diapers. Better yet, don't have a baby. Agency: DDB, Melbourne, Australia.


DirecTV’s ‘Stache Baby (2012)

If your baby really looked like everyone says, he would look like this. Ugly, and weird. Agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires.


PlayStation’s Man Baby (2010)

If a man actually were a man-baby, instead of sitting in front of his PlayStation all day drooling like a man-baby, he'd look like this. Creepy, and really weird. Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina.


MTV’s Oedipus Baby (2002, NSFW-ish)

Baby, devilish glint in his eye, gets amorous with his mother while breastfeeding. Real ad. Real client. Aired. Won bronze at The One Show. Tagline: "I watched MTV once." What? Twisted, and really, incredibly weird. The weirdest. Too weird. Agency: La Comunidad, Miami and Buenos Aires.