Pornhub’s Ad Implores You to Stop Using Household Objects as Sex Toys

'Not My Job' from BETC Paris promotes the adult site's products as quarantine has led some to get creative

Foods, appliances and more would like you to find a more dedicated source of companionship. Pornhub and BETC Paris
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Hey, we all get bored. And a little lonely.

But that’s no reason to take your sexual frustrations out on the innocent objects scattered throughout your home. There are devices specially created for such purposes, and they’d be happy to fill this niche in your life. Or at least less likely to harm you in the process.

In a fun and safe-for-work but mildly disconcerting new ad for Pornhub Toys, agency BETC Paris (Adweek’s International Agency of the Year for 2019) animates objects ranging from an electric toothbrush and shower head to a washing machine and tube socks as they sing their wishes not to be used for masturbatory purposes.

Oh and it’s all set to the tune of Bloodhound Gang’s 1999 banger “The Bad Touch” (aka “You and me, baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel”).

“We actually did an incredible amount of research for this project,” said David Martin Angelus, creative director at BETC Paris. “We scanned hundreds of articles and forums online to find the wildest objects that had been used as sex toys. It’s amazing what people will have sex with when there isn’t a sex toy handy, especially in the current climate of shelter in place.”

I will trust their research and spare my search history from fact checking about oven mitts filled with spaghetti.

The campaign, aimed at promoting the brand’s new line of toys, also includes a discounting tactic that’ll stretch your creativity: 250 one-use-only promo codes have been created and named after household objects people have admitted using for sex. Guess correctly, and you’ll get the discount on an order of Pornhub Toys. The weirder the object, the brand says, the higher the discount.

Since the internet will likely brainstorm all 250 pretty quickly, Pornhub has also offered to create unique promo codes and DM them to users who post pictures of household objects they’ve defiled alongside the hashtag #NotMyJob.

The sex toy business has been booming ever since quarantine began, occasionally spilling over into mainstream advertising channels such as the Womanizer billboard that simply said “Stay home.”

According to Cosmopolitan, sex toy brand Dame saw increasing sales growth with each passing month of 2020, including a 216% increase in year-over-year sales in May.


Agency: BETC
Stephane Xiberras, Executive Creative Director
David Martin Angelus, Creative Director
Nicholas Bakshi, Copywriter
Olivier Mille, Copywriter
Erika Reyes, Art Director
Thomas Defert, Art Director
Lauren Haberfield, Art Director
Valentine Riviere, Art Director Assistant
Mathieu Laugier, Deputy Managing Director
Kim Jacovidis, Account Manager
Andréa Jeanroy, Account Executive
Karim Naceur, Head of TV Production
Slim Trabelsi, TV Producer

Film Direction
Alice Moitie, Director
Valentin Peoch, 1st Director Assistant
Adèle Beauliau, 2nd Director Assistant

Jules Dieng, Producer
MĂ©lanie Jackson, Production Director
Sarra Kherrat, Production Coordinator
Simone Bertrand, Production Intern

Myd, Musician
Rose Duvernois, Production Executive
LĂ©o Copet, Music Producer
Christophe Caurret, Music Creative Director
Jerge, Voice
Paul Prier, Voice
JasmĂŻn, Voice
Pi Ja Ma, Voice
Irfane, Voice

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@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."