NutriBullet’s Fake Influencers Give Absurd Advice You Probably Shouldn’t Follow

Humanaut launches its first work for new client

Beware of Optimizer Kate. NutriBullet
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A wellness guru named Optimizer Kate swears by her echinacea-laced matcha-flavored immune-boosting concoction, and she’ll be happy to walk you through its 25 ingredients. 

If you want to replicate this recipe, stock up on apple cider vinegar and get ready to “harvest your mushroom log,” whatever that means. 

Or a yogi who calls herself The Chakra Chick can help cleanse your chi if you’ve got a gong, some birthstones, good flexibility and unending patience. 

A new campaign for NutriBullet blenders doesn’t exactly call BS on health and fitness influencers like these fictionalized examples. But it takes this kind of Instagram-fueled, labor-intensive advice to absurd levels while pointing out that most regular folks will not DIY a bunch of home remedies or follow anything resembling a Goop-approved morning routine.

That’s where the gadget maker comes in, promising to “bring wellness back to basics for busy consumers looking for simple, realistic solutions,” according to Chattanooga, Tenn.-based agency Humanaut, touting NutriBullet’s streamlined process of tossing fruits and veggies into a blender, pulverizing and drinking. 

The brand, which is rolling out updated, redesigned and new products, is launching three spots with the tagline “Feel the Blend,” including one starring a warrior dude who recommends 15-minute full-body ice baths. The commercials—specifically targeting women in the 18-to-45 demo—hit this week, ahead of gift-giving and resolution seasons.

“All these biohacking and fitness trends are great if you can work them into your busy day,” says David Littlejohn, Humanaut’s founder and chief creative director. “But here’s this super healthy thing that real people with real lives actually have time to do.”

NutriBullet, a new client for Humanaut, has traditionally used infomercial-style ads and other long-form content to promote its blenders, but hasn’t run a full-scale campaign since 2018. 

“Feel the Blend,” which strategically cuts into the faux influencers’ homemade videos with the NutriBullet message, will air on digital platforms and broadcast channels including A&E, BET, Hallmark, Lifetime and TNT.

It’s aimed at the brand’s core fans and “new audiences that might find themselves overwhelmed with the variety and somewhat inconceivable practices found online,” says chief marketing officer Jeff Cha. “We hope this serves as a reminder that nutrition can be easy, practical and accessible to all.”


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