Kentucky Bourbon Hunters, Who Scour Stores for Rare Bottles, Now Have Their Own Camouflage

VisitLEX gives an edge to limited-release seekers

A man wearing a bourbon camouflage shirt stands in front of a shelf of bourbon.
Bourbon Camouflage helps you block others from seeing those limited-release bottles you're scoping in Lexington. Cornett

Bourbon hunting is a pastime that involves outsmarting your opponents, hiding in plain sight and, for the successful hunter, scoring rare bourbon. For whiskey lovers visiting Kentucky, it’s a popular and passionate hobby.

VisitLEX today announced a project to give the most talented bourbon hunters an edge over their competitors. The tourism agency and its agency, Cornett, have a created a resource every hunter needs: camouflage.

To help bourbon aficionados blend into their backgrounds while scouring shelves for limited-release bourbons in Lexington, the new Bourbon Camouflage comes in three patterns: Kroger Aisle 7, Liquor Barn and Rite Aid. Shirts, available in a limited run just like the bourbons being sought by the wearers, will be available only at the VisitLEX Visitor Center beginning at 10 a.m. Friday, June 14.

A man wearing a bourbon camouflage shirt stands in front of a shelf of bourbon.

“In Kentucky, we make 95% of the world’s bourbon supply, and because of that, Lexington, Kentucky, offers some of the best bourbon hunting opportunities in the world,” said Gathan Borden, vp of marketing for VisitLEX. “When people visit Lexington, we want to make sure they have a trip of a lifetime, and part of that is making sure they get what they came for: rare Kentucky bourbon. VisitLEX’s new Bourbon Camouflage is a fun and engaging way for us to help these bourbon hunters get something rare that is only available here.”

The Bourbon Camouflage shirts feature bottles of bourbon, store pricing and shelving that mimic an actual liquor, grocery or drug store. Blending in has never been easier; block the view of rare bourbons while you fool others into believing the shelf is stocked with typical name-brand bourbon. You leave with the good stuff and have an epic vacation.

If you don’t score any rare bourbons, perhaps you can go unwind with a relaxing session with VisitLex’s other recent innovation: horse ASMR.

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Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.