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Nike Calls Serena Williams the Greatest Athlete Ever in This Striking U.S. Open Ad

Quiet, career-spanning tribute spot speaks volumes

At a press conference at Wimbledon in July, a reporter asked Serena Williams how she felt about going down in the history books as "one of the greatest female athletes…

Ad of the Day: Nike Redefines 'Just Do It' in One Hell of a Crazy Ad From China

Pros and amateurs take over the streets in W+K's ebullient production

Nike is out with its latest ad from Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, and it's not just a celebration of sports. It's a celebration of freedom. A lyrical and spontaneous picture of…

Ad of the Day: KFC Unveils Chicken-Scented Sunscreen, With Help From George Hamilton

To keep your skin extra crispy as summer winds down

The Rio Olympics may be over, and we're quickly heading toward Labor Day. But there's still time left to enjoy the summer rays. And who can better advise us on…

Ad of the Day: Nike Celebrates the 'Iron Nun', an 86-Year-Old Triathlete With God on Her Side

'The only failure is not to try'

Next time you think you're getting a bit too creaky for an afternoon run or early morning ride, think about Sister Madonna Buder.  The 86-year-old nun is a record-breaking Ironman triathlete…

Bud Light's New Ad Takes a Light-Hearted but Clear Stance in Support of Gender Identity

'Beer should have labels, not people'

Bud Light wants to sell you beer—and your gender identity doesn't change that.  In the Anheuser-Busch brand's latest 30-second spot, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen argue that anyone across the gender…

Ad of the Day: Chance the Rapper Pens Nike's New Anthem to Unite USA's Basketball Teams

Brand's latest Olympics spot

The Olympics is an amazing time. It's a time when athletes who spend most of the season as rivals come together for their country, set egos aside and unite as…

Nike's Latest Ad Stars Chris Mosier, the First Transgender Athlete on a U.S. National Team

Part of brand's 'Unlimited' series

Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to make a U.S. national team, is the star of Nike's latest 30-second spot. The effort, from Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, is part of…

Ad of the Day: This Powerade Spot Will Be Among the Most Hard-Hitting of the Rio Games

Quite literally, as W+K profiles boxer Shakur Stevenson

Powerade pulls no punches whatsoever in this spot from Wieden + Kennedy Portland starring 19-year-old amateur boxer and U.S. Olympian Shakur Stevenson.  As an official Olympics sponsor, Coca-Cola can avoid the complex maze…

Christoph Waltz Is Every Busy American in W+K's Amusing Olympics Ad for Samsung

Galaxy Note 7 spot will air during the Opening Ceremonies

Samsung wants Americans to know that its new phone, the Galaxy Note 7, will work just as hard as they do.  During the Olympics' opening ceremony, the company will debut a…

Voiceover Narrator Totally Loses Control of This Awesome Nike Ad for the Olympics

'Unlimited' campaign continues with Opening Ceremonies anthem

Nike athletes do such great things, even voiceover artists are surprised. The athletic wear brand's "Unlimited" campaign, which launched last week with this baby-themed spot, really kicks into high gear today…