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How PopSugar’s New Tool Will Help You Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends

On Facebook, the Trending Topics section can sometimes lead you astray. Aside from potential fake news articles, the topics aren't so much "trending" as they are "trending three days ago." Enter TrendRank.

Why Internet-Famous Dogs Are Fetching So Much Love From Brands

Social media influencers have transformed the way brands interact with consumers—and a lot of those influencers aren't human.

High-End Hunting Apparel Is Killing It With Hipsters and Baby Boomers

Hunting: It's not just for the Duck Dynasty set anymore. The activity so often associated with rural America is increasingly being marketed as an adventure sport, with more consumers signing up for "luxury" hunting trips and buying high-end gear and apparel.

How NBC Could Own the Coveted 18-49 Demographic for a Third Year in a Row

Can an Independent Amsterdam Agency Tame Gotham’s Many Challenges?

Do agencies seeking to expand into New York need superpowers to replicate their success in the advertising capital of the world?

Is Publicis, Once a Voracious Predator, Now Prey?

On paper, it makes sense: One of the industry's most powerful agency networks, known for its own voracious appetite for acquisitions, has been caught in a downward trajectory severe enough that it may now find itself prey.

Here’s How Neuroscience Can Help Improve Mobile Marketing

Since the beginning of time, the mind has been a mystery. Since the beginning of advertising, humans have tried to solve it.

Smythson Is Bringing a Century of U.K. Style to New U.S. Stores

It printed fine stationery for maharajas and gold-emblazoned address books for Katharine Hepburn. Its leather goods and travel accessories found their way into the homes of Grace Kelly and Vivien […]

CBS Is Ready to Cash In on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

In late night, digital success has become almost as important as linear ratings, and by that measure, The Late Late Show with James Corden is the daypart's new king. On Feb.

Why Dell Is Betting Big on the Internet of Things

While brands are just starting to make sense of the mountains of data collected from the Internet of Things (IoT), some tech firms, Dell included, are trying to stay a step ahead by building the tools needed to power the billions of gadgets.