Here Are the 11 Olympic Sports That Viewers Are Most Excited About Watching

If you wanted to watch every Olympic event being carried across the NBC universe, it would take 281 days. That's because the networks and digital platforms of NBCUniversal are carrying an unprecedented 6,755 hours of programming from the Summer Games in Rio.

Why So Many People Leave Advertising

The battle for talent has always been a great concern for agencies, and a new study from the 4A's in partnership with LinkedIn illuminates some of the top reasons agency people either move to different companies within the industry or leave it altogether. The findings, according to 4A's president Nancy Hill, are not surprising, but they are dismaying.

Here Are 7 Stats That Show How Super Bowl Viewers Will Use Second Screens

CBS is expected to draw nearly 190 million viewers for its Super Bowl 50 telecast. Many of those viewers will have second-screen experiences, peeking at their smartphones and tablets to check out real-time chatter on their social media feeds.

80% of Marketers Say They Are Overloaded and Understaffed

The corridors, cubicles and conference rooms of modern marketing can seem more like pressure cookers than ever before, with one in four practitioners reporting that they routinely feel "overly stressed" or even "stressed to the max" on the job.

AOL’s Branded Skip Lets You Avoid Ads If You Take a Quick Survey First

AOL's new skippable video ads come with the option to view them or take a brand survey. The Web company is calling its new format Branded Skip ads, and it was one of five new video options launched today.

Study: Only a Third of Marketers Aware of IAB’s Rising Stars Units

Last year the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) expanded its standard ad portfolio with six interactive Rising Stars units in what the trade group’s head of brand initiatives Peter Minnium

Ads Trump Football in Super Bowl Survey

American adults prefer watching Super Bowl commercials to the game itself, according to a survey released today by Chicago-based market research company Lab42.