Rubicon Project

This Campaign Aims to Change How People Think About Female Breadwinners

Today, female breadwinners make up nearly half of household primary or sole earners, but the narrative around these women is still one of how having a female earner in the family will affect marriage or relationship dynamics.

How Treating Consumers Like Partners Will Rescue Advertising From Itself

Unsubscribe is our favorite toggle in our inbox. Skip, our favorite prompt when viewing online videos. Block, our go-to option for internet browsing. Why? Because advertising's relationship with the consumer is fundamentally broken.

Parents Are Increasingly Using Mobile Devices for Back-to-School Shopping

This year's back-to-school shopping seems to have parents spending more on mobile—and more overall.

Rubicon Project Is Helping Publishers Win the Second Screen With Programmatic Olympic Ads

For the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, one programmatic advertising company wants to help brands that aren't paying the big bucks for an official sponsorship or major TV spot still have a "second chance for gold" by winning the race for the second-screen.

Snapchat Led the Way With Vertical Video. Will Virool Make It the New Standard?

Not so long ago, it was taboo to turn horizontal video on its head, as marketers grappled with doing more for mobile than merely refitting TV spots for smaller screens.

Why Cross-Device Programmatic Advertising Is Ready to Take Off in 2016

Consumers increasingly get their content across smartphones, laptops and desktops, so brands are eager to run campaigns that reach consumers on every one of those screens. With technology catching up to demand, marketers are predicting that 2016 will be cross-device programmatic's great leap forward. The era of targeting only to a particular device appears to be on the way out.

5 Tips For Executing Cross-Device Targeting

Cross-device programmatic advertising is expected to grow out of its infancy stage this year, as the technology and data capabilities give marketers more chances than ever to holistically target consumers on multiple devices.

Zynga Is Now Offering Native Political Gaming Ads for Presidential Campaigns

Zynga is about to give political game theory a whole new meaning: The maker of FarmVille and Words With Friends is partnering with Rubicon Project to develop native programmatic ads targeted at voters ahead of the 2016 presidential race. 

Are Marketers Finally Getting the Hang of Location-Based Mobile Ads?

Until recently, location-based advertising has remained a small part of mobile ad budgets, primarily because it's difficult to pinpoint the exact person with the right type of ad on the fly.

More Autoplay Ads Are Coming to Mobile, but That Could Be a Good Thing

Ad-tech companies Virool and Rubicon Project today are taking their nascent mobile video advertising partnership into the programmatic arena.