Stephen Colbert, Kelly Ripa and Other TV Stars Recall Their Most Memorable Commercials

Many of fall TV's biggest stars have one thing in common: They appeared in commercials early (and sometimes, not-so-early) in their career as they tried to break into Hollywood.

Babies’ Poop Faces Captured in Glorious Slow Motion in Award-Winning Pampers Ad

Everyone knows babies make hilarious faces when they poop. For that matter, so do most adults. Whether or not knowing this universal truth entices you to watch a medley of babies' faces as they poop is a gamble that Saatchi & Saatchi London decided to take. Its "Pooface" video for Pampers baby wipes is literally 75 seconds of what I just described.

Pampers Crafts Emotional Ode to Newborns, and Resistance Is Futile

Pampers is doing a good job of cornering the baby schmaltz advertising market. A new spot from the diaper brand focuses on the whirlwind of new experiences—challenging and delightful—that parents face when they have a child, especially their first. There are sonograms, there's exhaustion, and naturally there are hero shots of diapers. Mostly, there are lots of cute babies.

Ad of the Day: Pampers Gives Moms a Sweet Surprise on Their Baby’s First Birthday

Sit back and take four minutes to watch this lovely ad by Pampers Japan. Titled "Mom's First Birthday," it celebrates a big milestone in a new mom's life—her baby's one-year checkup. The brand partnered with some dads to surprise some moms, and the result is sweet and heartwarming.

P&G Wants to Shelve Up to 100 Brands

Procter & Gamble, the largest packaged-goods player in the world, disclosed in an earnings call this morning that it will divest or shed 90 to 100 of its brands in a major streamlining effor

Pampers Plans to Ramp Up Global Unicef Campaign With ‘Always On’ Digital Approach

Pampers' partnership with Unicef to build awareness around maternal and newborn tetanus vaccines has grown significantly since its inception in 2006. Adweek chatted earlier this week with Procter & Gamble's Nada Dugas, communications director of baby care, about how the program has evolved with a heavier digital push that plays up video and social sharing to deliver 300 mill

Leo Burnett Adds Creative Leader on P&G’s Always

Kat Gates has joined Leo Burnett as a global creative director on Procter & Gamble's Always brand. The position is new and helps to centralize creative leadership in Chicago, where she'll be based. She reports to Mark Tutssel, global chief creative officer. 

Oreo’s Royal Baby Tweet Gives Birth to Twitter Debate

Ever since Oreo had its buzz-generating Super Bowl blackout moment, industry players have debated the merits of real-time Twitter marketing.

Wieden, Beyond ‘Halftime’

It takes a fool to create something ingenious, says Chrysler global marketing chief Olivier François.

Pampers Ad on Racy App Reminds You Sex Can Lead to Babies

Procter & Gamble appears to have stumbled into the business of unintentional PSAs. TechCrunch caught this Pampers ad running on the "300+ Sex Positions" iPhone app. The iAd directs users to the diaper brand's "Hello Baby" app, a tool to help you track your pregnancy.