Ad of the Day: Pampers Gives Moms a Sweet Surprise on Their Baby’s First Birthday

It's their milestone, too

Sit back and take four minutes to watch this lovely ad by Pampers Japan.

Titled "Mom's First Birthday," it celebrates a big milestone in a new mom's life—her baby's one-year checkup. The brand partnered with some dads to surprise some moms, and the result is sweet and heartwarming.

What really thaws my cold, hard heart is how earnest everyone seems (I know it's a commercial; let me live my life). All these moms have just spent the past year sacrificing sleep and sanity, dealing with uncertainties and fears, and when they walk out of that milestone doctor appointment, well … I don't want to spoil it for you.

Click for subtitles unless you're fluent in Japanese.


Client: Pampers

Agency: Leo Burnett Tokyo/Beacon Communications

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.