Ad of the Day: First Ad From McDonald’s New Agency Says ‘There’s a Big Mac for That’

McDonald's made headlines late last year for consolidating its $800 million-plus advertising business with a new dedicated unit inside Omncom called We Are Unlimited.

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Its Big Mac Sauce via Livestreams on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For fast-food lovers, the Big Mac has been a national treasure since McDonald's rolled it out in 1968, and much of the double-burger's success can be attributed to its secret sauce.

McDonald’s Poses the Existential Question: Is a Big Mac With Bacon Still a Big Mac?

If you're the type of guy who drives your friends nuts by compulsively obsessing over minor details at lunch, then McDonald's has a deep existential dilemma for you. In Canada, the fast-food chain is temporarily adding the Big Mac Bacon—a Big Mac, with bacon on it—to its menu, the first change to the sandwich in that country in 50 years. An ad from Cosette puts the new product to the pedant test, which by its very nature requires that anything that can be argued, must be argued. 

These Are the Fast-Food Chains Where Digital Marketers Eat When They Cheat

Affinio is a Nova Scotia, Canada-based data company that extracts social media insights to find out what specific consumers think of different brands. The software-based services provider works with a number of ad agencies and other businesses to find out what coupon moms, gamers, music-loving teen girls, and everyone in between are interested in, in real-time. 

A Forlorn Wooden Doll Finds Love at Her Local McDonald’s in Brand’s Holiday Ad

Ah, the holidays! A time for sharing, love and ... McDonald's? In "Juliette the Doll," a charming little ad by Leo Burnett London, a toyshop owner pulls a vintage doll, Juliette, out of a fading box. "Maybe this year," he whispers, setting her in the window. Days pass. People make purchases. Unsurprisingly, our heroine is never one of them. (Who plays with dolls anymore when there are VR Gears to give?) Juliette peers forlonly out the window, offering passersby her best demure poses. Her eyes drift, ever more often, to the cheerful McDonald's across the snowy street, where people seem to be having a grand old time. 

McDonald’s Will Start Bringing Your Food Right to Your Table in 2017

While you may have seen a number of McDonald's locations implementing table service over the last few months, the company announced today that it plans to roll out table service to all U.S. restaurants next year, CNBC reports.

Big Brands Are Already Targeting Their Competitors With Apple Search Ads

When Apple made its foray into mobile advertising in 2010, big names like Nike, McDonald's and Coca-Cola were willing to shill out $1 million just to serve their ads to iPhones and iPads.

Burger King Dressed Up as the Ghost of McDonald’s in This Scary Good Halloween Prank

Now this is a flame-broiled burn.A Burger King location in Queens, New York, has a lock on best restaurant Halloween costume of 2016 after it dressed up as the ghost of McDonald's—covering itself in billowing white sheets and trolling its rival with a special sign that read: "Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween." 

McDonald’s and Omnicom Refer to Their Dedicated Unit as an ‘Agency of the Present’

On Monday, the first day of Advertising Week 2016, McDonald's chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl and DDB North America CEO Wendy Clark made it clear that they don't see Omnicom's unnamed, dedicated Chicago unit as an anomaly.

McDonald’s Is Creating 5,000 Pieces of Marketing Content This Year. Here’s Why

As part of a major marketing revamp and agency overhaul, McDonald's is leaning heavily into digital and plans to double the amount of content it cranks out this year.