Lucky Charms

There’s a ‘Marshmallows Only’ Version of Lucky Charms, and Biz Markie Wrote a Song About It

If you were wondering what Biz Markie is up to these days, here's your answer.The brilliantly out-of-tune rapper and Yo Gabba Gabba beat-boxer is putting his chops to work promoting Lucky Charms—namely, by singing a branded parody of his 1989 hit "Just a Friend" (based on Freddie Scott's 1968 "You Got What I Need") to promote a new sweepstakes campaign that gives participants a chance to win one of 10 boxes of all-marshmallow cereal.

Lucky Charms, the World’s Rainbowiest Cereal, Comes Out Big for Gay Pride Month

Sometimes the best thing a brand can do is lean into the conversation that's already going on around it. And that's exactly what Lucky Charms, a brand that some people have always seen as a little queer, is doing, in part to support LGBT Pride Month.

Lucky Charms Does Giant Bong Hit, Unleashes Auto-Tune Leprechaun

What could be better than an Auto-Tune leprechaun singing about his magically delicious cereal? Nothing! This 15-second Lucky Charms ad, which mixes current commercial footage, vintage images and goofy-great vocal manipulation, will air during high-profile TV shows this week like the Billboard Music Awards and the season finales of American Idol and The Voice. Its inspiration came from major doses of hallucinogenic drugs and/or a St. Patrick's Day promotion for the General Mills brand that included a mashup music video that went viral with nearly 1 million views. There were many hot-shot creative hands on deck here (see the credits below), but all you really need to know is that the result is super groovy. Watch the full video for a trippy walk down memory lane.

Lucky the Leprechaun to Waldo the Wizard: The Evolution of Lucky Charms

Leprechauns are creepy, whether they're starring in a horror movie or plastered on the front of a cereal box. There's no telling if that's why General Mills briefly tried another mascot, called Waldo the Wizard, for its Lucky Charms cereal. Anyway, the marketer got it really wrong with a skeevy-looking middle-aged man in a bow tie and bedazzled robe.

Gluttony Show Is an Epic Win

Michelle Obama would probably not approve of Epic Meal Time.It’s not that the First Lady is uptight. It’s just that her message of health and fitness doesn’t exactly jibe with Epic Meal Time’s celebration of extreme gluttony.