Lucky Charms Does Giant Bong Hit, Unleashes Auto-Tune Leprechaun

TV spot inspired by viral video

What could be better than an Auto-Tune leprechaun singing about his magically delicious cereal? Nothing! This 15-second Lucky Charms ad, which mixes current commercial footage, vintage images and goofy-great vocal manipulation, will air during high-profile TV shows this week like the Billboard Music Awards and the season finales of American Idol and The Voice. Its inspiration came from major doses of hallucinogenic drugs and/or a St. Patrick's Day promotion for the General Mills brand that included a mashup music video that went viral with nearly 1 million views. There were many hot-shot creative hands on deck here (see the credits below), but all you really need to know is that the result is super groovy. Watch the full video for a trippy walk down memory lane.



Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Production: Pat-Man Studios

Composer: Jeff Elmassian


YouTube's Machinima channel and Melodysheep, mashup maker