The Most Engaging Brand Content of 2016, Month by Month

In 2015, there was a marked increase in the popularity of brand videos on YouTube. In 2016, brands took social video storytelling to another level, not only on YouTube, but […]

‘Don’t Catch and Drive,’ Says Esurance and Its Fun Cast of Car-Crash Pokemon

For all you Pokemon Go players out there, there's a bunch of new Pokemon wandering the busy streets. But they're not ones you'll want to catch.  Esurance and agency Leo Burnett imagined some new Pokemon characters for its "Don't Catch and Drive" campaign, reminding motorists not to play the distracting smartphone game between the wheel.

Pandora Streamed Serial 15.6 Million Times Through April

Last year, Pandora scored an exclusive deal to stream WBEZ Chicago's hit podcast Serial with ad support from Esurance and Warner Bros.

Election Have You Wanting to Flee the Country? Esurance Has Got You Covered

To everyone out there that has uttered the statement, "I am leaving the country," or, "I'm moving to Canada," if insert-presidential-candidate-name-here wins the election, Esurance has got you covered. Well, sort of.

With a Social-First Mind-Set, Esurance Completely Dominated the Twitter Super Bowl

Esurance proved that a less expensive pregame Super Bowl ad can actually create more buzz than an in-game spot, which cost $5 million per 30 seconds.

Esurance’s Super Bowl Pregame Ad Helped Generate 9,000 Tweets a Minute

The first quarter of the Super Bowl wasn't even over yet, and Esurance already appeared to be miles ahead of competitors when it comes to social chatter. The insurance brand ran a 30-second pregame ad created by Leo Burnett. The commercial promotes a contest in which people could win up to $1 million in exchange for tweeting #Esurancesweepstakes.

A Cash-Encrusted Football Crashes Through Everyday Life in Esurance’s Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl ad hashtags are often relegated to the Internet trash heap, but Esurance is tackling that issue head-on in this year's game-day ad. Starting today, people can retweet messages from the company's Twitter handle tagged #EsuranceSweepstakes for a chance to win up to $1 million. Sixteen winners will be announced during and after the game.

How to Win the Super Bowl Without Spending $5 Million on a 30-Second Spot

Like other advertisers, Volvo last year said no thanks to plunking down more than $4 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot. But it didn't sit on the sidelines.

Breakthrough Agency of the Year: Heat Harnesses the Element of Surprise

Earlier this year, a new film starring Dave Franco, Rob Gronkowski, Rex Ryan and Tyrannosaurus rex took the Internet by storm. "Critics" called it "impossible to un-watch" and "an epic tale of gridiron redemption." But there was one major, impossible-to-ignore disappointment: It was never seen in theaters.

Heading Into Season 2, Has Serial Sold Advertisers on Podcasting?

Serial, a spinoff of the popular This American Life podcast, debuted in October 2014 to little fanfare but would go on to become the digital medium's first monster hit. Listeners became enthralled by host Sarah Koenig's deep dive into the 1999 true-crime case of Adnan Syed.