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Our First Arc Awards Winners Represent the Best in Branded Storytelling

Great storytelling is no longer the sole reserve of David Lean or Shonda Rhimes. Yes, advertisers, whose more traditional forms of marketing interrupt our favorite content, have expanded their horizons […]

State Farm and Postmates Are Delivering Free BBQ-and-French-Fries-Stuffed Burritos to NFL Fans

Football fans love their big-screen TVs so much that "housegating" is evidently the new tailgating. State Farm, working with agency DDB Chicago,

Kohler Ad Explains Why the Robots of the Future Will Spend All Their Time in the Toilet

En route to annihilating humanity, would robots take time out for a bathroom break? Apparently they would, if this amusing slice of high-tech potty humor from DDB Chicago, touting Kohler's Veil Intelligent Toilet, can be believed. At a futuristic housewarming party, humans and bots mingle ... until the bots make like C3-Pee-O and head for the loo (for some urgent downloads, no doubt). The machines snap selfies with the cybernetic crapper, basking in the glow of its cobalt-blue LED nightlight. 

Why Brands From Barbie to Uber Are So Hot on Chatbots

Richard Smullen says a painfully long wait for a Delta Air Lines customer service rep inspired him to join the world of artificial intelligence.

Chrysler Selects DDB Chicago as Creative Agency of Record on Its Jeep and Alfa Romeo Brands

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles confirmed today that it has chosen DDB Chicago as creative agency of record for its Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands, effective immediately. There was no formal review.

Steven Tyler Rocks a Candy-Covered Microphone in Lead Up to Skittles’ Super Bowl Ad

If you love Skittles and Aerosmith, have we got good Super Bowl news for you.The veteran rock band's iconic frontman, Steven Tyler, always had What It Takes, and now he's Back in the Saddle for this Crazy teaser starring his Amazing hair (OK we'll stop with the song references now) and a custom mic stand decorated with a rainbow assortment of ... you guessed it.(Update: The team behind the Skittles Super Bowl ad clarified in a follow-up note that the microphone was a gift to Tyler in thanks for appearing in the ad. Sadly, we're told the mic isn't actually in the spot.)The ad, created by DDB Chicago, will mark the second time Skittles has appeared in the Big Game following last year's spot starring two men in an epic arm wrestling contest.

This ‘Returnship’ Eases People’s Transition Back to Agency Jobs After Years Away

Sue Vering was an associate creative director at DDB Chicago when she left in 1998, ultimately taking seven years off from the ad business to raise her daughter, get involved in community activities and write freelance features for the Chicago Tribune.

Skittles Gives a First Taste of Its Super Bowl Ad Featuring a Town Brawl

Even though Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch will have a lot of visibility on the Super Bowl playing field on Feb. 1, don't look for him in Skittles' commercial debut in the Big Game.

Ad of the Day: McDonald’s Films the Craziest Soccer Trick Shots Ever … and They’re Real

For every big-budget advertising opus timed to the World Cup (I'm looking at you, Nike and Samsung), there are always a few real gems that don't sh

DDB’s Digital Exec on Creating for Instagram and Lovin’ It

DDB’s Azher Ahmed is a part of the creative team working for brands like State Farm Insurance (consumers might recall the “discount doublecheck”) and he is at SXSW talking with clients about digital strategies.