Coca-Cola and Pepsi Are Both Losing Millennial Fans

The battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi just found some common ground. Fans of both cola brands are quite different in terms of education and political leanings, but both are skewing older, according to new data from ecommerce and consumer analytics provider Connexity.

What Branding Experts Think About Coca-Cola’s New Product-Centric Campaign

Today, Coca-Cola unveiled a new campaign and traded its 7-year-old slogan, "Open Happiness," for "Taste the Feeling," as part of chief marketing officer Marcos de Quinto's plan to unite the company's brands globally.

These 4 Brands Are Embracing the Twitter Emoji Craze

Twitter wants in on brands' obsession with emojis. Marketers including Coca-Cola and Dove have gone gaga for the miniature digital stickers that reward consumers for tweeting out branded hashtags. Here's how four marketers are using Twitter emojis:

Coke Reaches 2 Million African Consumers With a New Facebook Ad Unit

Facebook today debuted an ad unit that uses three to seven photos and autoplays them as a slideshow. Coca-Cola is already vouching for the promo called Slideshow, which is essentially a substitute for video.

If You’ve Been Wanting a Pepsi-Branded Smartphone, It’s Apparently on the Way

PepsiCo China has been developing a branded smartphone with a licensing partner that uses the Android operating system and will debut on Oct. 20 in Beijing, according to MobiPicker. 

This Interactive Coke Ad in a Subway Station Winks and Smiles When You Do

Few tech trends have exploded as fast in recent years as facial recognition and emojis, and now Coca-Cola is bringing them together for an interactive billboard.

Coke Tests Whisper’s Advertising Potential in the Most Perfect Way

Anonymous sites and apps have had their share of publicity problems in recent months, but should brands give up on them altogether? Coca-Cola doesn't seem to think so, based on the fact it just ran its first ad on the popular app Whisper.

Do Brand Marketers Really Use Those Mobile Apps for Real-Time Analytics?

There's been a steady flow of mobile apps emerging for marketers, allowing them to monitor and tweak campaigns while they're running to an off-site meeting, doing the daily commute or "work-cationing" poolside with a cocktail or two. Twitter 

Big Brands Like CoverGirl and Coke Are Finding the Perfect Moment to Deliver Mobile Ads

Bottom-of-the-page mobile banner ads can be tough sells nowadays if you work at a media company, whether you're pitching them to an advertiser or a consumer.

Capitalist Trappings Are Slow to Come to Cuba

This week America takes another step toward normalizing relations with Cuba as it reopens embassies on the Caribbean's largest island. While the U.S. embargo remains in place, barring the business activities of domestic companies, foreign players have had more freedom in anticipating economic opportunities if and when Cuba's state-controlled economy opens up.