More Agencies Are Finding Their Own Entrepreneurial Spirit by Partnering With Startups

As clients continue to demand more—more content, more impressions, more innovation—the largest agencies are taking some of their best lessons from smaller shops just getting started.From WPP to Publicis Groupe, global players increasingly are looking to more nimble digital startups where an entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of the business.

A New Survey Looks at the Growing Demand for Diversity in How Ads Portray Families

We all know by now that the American family looks a lot different than it used to. Whether defined by LGBT parents, nonmarried parents or stay-at-home dads, two out of five households today do not fit the traditional mold, notes a new report, "Family Diversity Is the Norm," from YouGov and Johnson & Johnson-owned parenting site BabyCenter.

Infographic: For Moms, Mobile Is Now a Vital Part of the Shopping Experience

Today's moms are finding that mobile devices are becoming an integral part of their shopping experience, starting well before stepping into a store. BabyCenter talked to over 1,000 moms about how they use their mobile devices through the purchase process.

Nestlé Wants to Make Sure U.S. Hispanic Moms Know What Nido Is

Up until now, powdered milk brand Nido is primarily known among Latino moms for helping children transition from drinking formula or breast milk to regular milk.

Infographic: How Becoming a Mom Changes Millennials’ Buying and Media Habits

As we'll all (hopefully) take a moment to recognize Sunday, becoming a mother is one of the biggest and most important decisions a woman makes in her lifetime—and it doesn't just change sleeping habits. Having a baby shifts priorities across the board, from consumer preferences and purchasing criteria to media preferences.

How Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter Thinks Local by Going Global

The average pregnancy in France lasts 41 weeks; the global average is 40 weeks. It's a small difference, but enough of a nuance for online parenting site BabyCenter to spin […]

Study Shows Which Mobile Ads Get Millennial Moms’ Attention

Today, Johnson & Johnson's BabyCenter and the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence is releasing a study that dives into how young moms—18 to 32 years old—in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China and the United Kingdom use mobile devices and respond to advertising.

Moms Shopping for Baby Gear Are Swayed by Online Recommendations

A new survey from BabyCenter finds that nearly two-thirds of upper-income millennial moms are influenced by online recommendations when shopping for baby gear.

Fisher-Price Targets Millennial Moms for the Royal Baby’s Birthday

The idea of brands becoming publishers has been around for a couple years, as businesses have en masse created social media pages and content blogs to promote their wares.

Women Are Getting More Data Exec Gigs and 4 Other I-Com Takeaways

The 5th I-Com Global Summit just wrapped here in Seville, Spain, where a few hundred data marketing execs met to address industry challenges this week.