Infographic: How Becoming a Mom Changes Millennials’ Buying and Media Habits

Their favorite brands and devices

As we'll all (hopefully) take a moment to recognize Sunday, becoming a mother is one of the biggest and most important decisions a woman makes in her lifetime—and it doesn't just change sleeping habits. Having a baby shifts priorities across the board, from consumer preferences and purchasing criteria to media preferences.

BabyCenter teamed up with the Interactive Advertising Bureau to poll mostly first-time, millennial moms on how motherhood changed the way they thought about brands and used media. It included the findings in its 2015 State of Modern Motherhood report.

"Year over year, figures clearly show U.S. millennial moms are spending more time with media overall, due to mobile," the study notes.

Some brands are more successful than others in getting a positive word out to the mom crowd. YouGov BrandIndex asked millennial moms if they'd recently heard positive or negative sentiments expressed about different brands, showing us which five among them are best perceived. 

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro