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Targeting the Household’s Chief Wellness Officers

EmpowHER’s social health platform connects brands and women
  • February 27 2012

When women need health and wellness advice, they’re likely to seek information and recommendations from other women and friends. It’s a simple idea that’s tailor-made for today’s connected society. Call it social health, and it is the premise behind EmpowHER.

EmpowHER’s mission is “to improve women’s health and change their lives,” primarily through online services. With its community of loyal, active users, the four-year-old media company is positioned to help marketers reach, influence and engage health care consumers. Today, it’s not just about providing information, but creating a social community where women can interact regarding health and wellness.

“In the beginning, Health 1.0 was just putting content on the Web,” says Jamie Glass, EmpowHER’s CMO. “Today, with health information research being the third most popular use of the Web, women must have access to more than content. They need vetted expert information, resources that can teach them how to be better health advocates and validate their experiences. They also need to be in a community where they can share their stories to inform others and, most importantly, ask questions.”

Michelle King Robson founded EmpowHER after being frustrated by the lack of reliable information for a medical condition she was experiencing. In just four years, EmpowHER.com has become the third most visited women’s health and wellness content and community site. The company’s four networks (EmpowHER.com, EmpowHERMedia.com, 1000Women.com, AllDoulas.com) feature more than 110,000 pieces of original video, articles and user-generated content. EmpowHER reaches 2.3 million monthly unique visitors today, and expects its sites to reach more than 40 million unique visitors in 2012.

It’s little wonder that marketers have been eager to work with the company.

“We can measure the impact of our integrated content and brand-sponsored health promotions,” says Glass. In the last six months, EmpowHER has helped improve, change and even save more than 850 lives, according to data gathered through its HER Health Meter. “Imagine a brand marketer being able to translate their marketing into making such a difference,” she notes.

When the makers of Softcup, a “green” menstrual product, wanted to launch a free-sample campaign, they approached EmpowHER with specific goals: 20,000 unique visitors and 60,000 ad impressions. By combining original content and sponsored slideshows with banner and pop-up ads, EmpowHER delivered 143,244 uniques and nearly 500,000 impressions (at an enviable .41 percent CTR). Softcup reached its sample goal within the first 30 days of the 90-day campaign.

Marketing to health care consumers presents a number of challenges, not the least being delivering credible, unbiased information. How does EmpowHER reconcile this responsibility with serving marketers’ needs?

“All of our content is reviewed by our editorial team,” says Glass. “We also have a large medical advisory board that participates in content development and content review of any information that we put on the site. Our chief clinical officer, Dr. Connie Mariano, heads our clinical review process.”

EmpowHER.com is also certified by Health on Net Foundation (HON), a non-governmental organization that monitors the quality of health care information propagated online. “We are very diligent about our editorial review process,” Glass says.

With women now making an estimated 90 percent of all health care decisions, their influence can extend across multiple generations—from children to spouses and partners and, more and more, to their parents. To put it another way, “Women are the Chief Health and Wellness Officers in their families,” says Glass.

Working with EmpowHER Media, marketers can reach, engage and influence these decision-makers so they can advocate for their own well-being—and the well-being of their families.