Gabriel Beltrone

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Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.

Oakley Forgives You (Even If Others Don’t) in This Lovely Ode to Athletic Obsession

A soaring soundtrack wants you to know, 'It's OK', in agency AKQA's new spot for the brand.

These ‘Vegan Sneakers,’ Made From Mushrooms, Take Sustainable Apparel to a New Level

Nat-2's fungus footwear also uses cork, natural rubber and recycled bottles.

HBO Asked YouTube’s ‘Queen of Shitty Robots’ to Try Her Hand at Making a Westworld Host

Hopefully this one won't become self-aware.

A Device That Alerts Your Phone When the Light Turns Green? It’s a Hoax With a Message

Just in time for Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Why Would an Ad Create the ‘Worst Song in the World’? To Make a Pretty Relatable Point, Actually

French retailer Monoprix and agency Rosapark dial the '80s cringe up to 11 with their so-bad-its-good synthpop video.

Sneakers? Gnocchi? This Creative Will Trade His Original Art for Whatever You’re Willing to Barter

Jeffrey Butterworth created to trade his art for "anything but cash."

Stars Turn Wedding Classics Into Same-Sex Love Songs in MGM Resorts’ ‘Universal Love’ Playlist

Bob Dylan, Kesha and St. Vincent contributed to this ambitious and high-profile homage to LGBTQ love.

How to Promote Toyota Camry’s New Safety Features? Build Them Into ‘the World’s Safest Bike’

22squared partnered with NYC's Priority Bicycles for the prototype, aimed at reducing the 1,000 annual cyclist deaths in the U.S.

Q&A: How an Artist Turned a Lifetime of E-Waste Into a Stunning Celebration of Recycling

Benjamin Von Wong reached out to Dell to highlight the brand's commitment, and the result was a set of jaw-dropping photographs.

It’s Incredibly Satisfying to Watch This Miniature, Crappy Kitchen Get Remodeled

Financial startup SoFi, with help from viral agency Butterbar, goes tiny to inspire bigger projects