5 Instagram Tips From Mercedes-Benz, Which Gets Superb Engagement on the Platform

Follow Mercedes-Benz on Instagram, and you'll soon learn two things: It posts several times a day across the brand's properties, and people eat it up.

Mercedes-Benz’s Hilariously Fun Fashion Week Ad Stars Michel Gaubert and His Mini-Me

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is upon us. And in keeping with the flourish and expense of the event, it would be natural to expect beautiful ads showcasing beautiful people in beautifully abstract ways. Instead, the luxury auto brand's new spot is refreshingly clever ... and features a puppet.

What Marketers Need to Know About Cars as the Next Must-Have Mobile Devices

Drive-time DJs and radio ad-sales folk must be shuddering at the thought of a world in which the self-driving car is a reality. As if music streaming apps weren't bad enough, stealing away all those listeners, drivers will soon be able to devote their time and attention to any number of diversions. Want to catch up with your favorite Netflix series as you're stuck on the highway?

How Mercedes-Benz Is Using Facebook and Instagram’s Direct Messaging to Play Secret Santa

If you think direct-messaging features on social channels are marketing wastelands, guess again.

Omnicom Media Group Scores More Work From Mercedes-Benz by Adding South Africa

Following a review, Omnicom Media Group has added Daimler's Mercedes-Benz in South Africa and held onto its business in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where it was the incumbent.Mercedes-Benz has bundled the four markets into a single media region to yield greater efficiencies. Spending across that region tops $75 million, according to a source close to the process.

Kids Are Given Toy Cars That Can’t Crash in This Amusingly Mean Mercedes-Benz Ad

Mercedes-Benz's new ad doubles as a social experiment for children.The automaker installed heavy-duty magnets inside toy cars to highlight its Brake Assist System PLUS. The video then shows kids—who are delighted, of course, by crashing toy cars into each other—playing with the magnet cars. Let's just say they're not in love with them.

Any Idea What These Remarkably Subtle Mercedes-Benz Ads Are Trying to Say?

Subtlety is a valuable thing in advertising, as consumers will always feel better about a brand that lets them connect the dots instead of hammering them over the head. But there is such a thing as too subtle, as well.Mercedes-Benz rides that line in these ads from BBDO Chile. We stared at them for a few minutes trying to work out the message, and not just because the copy has been translated.

Mercedes Accelerates to Its Top Speed in Real Time Through 4 Short Ads

These four brief ads from Jung von Matt illustrate, in real time, just how quickly the Mercedes-AMG GT S accelerates from 0 to its top speed of 310 kilometers per hour (roughly 193 miles per hour).

Can Cadillac Move Back Into the Luxury Lane?

When Cadillac announced last fall that it was leaving Detroit for New York's SoHo district, critics groused that the 113-year-old nameplate was desperate for some hipster chic to rub off.

Six Automakers’ Super Bowl Ads Claim Spots On Top 10 Branded Video Chart

Despite the smaller-than-usual showing of automakers at this year's Super Bowl, six brands continue to rack up post- Big Game YouTube views on this week's Adweek/VidI