Can Cadillac Move Back Into the Luxury Lane?

CMO Uwe Ellinghaus makes a brand-new start of it in old New York

When Cadillac announced last fall that it was leaving Detroit for New York's SoHo district, critics groused that the 113-year-old nameplate was desperate for some hipster chic to rub off. Whether or not they're right, one thing's certain: America's fabled luxury car—long ago left in the dust by German imports—could use a branding tune-up. Cadillac's CTS and XTS sedans have been lauded by critics, though their sales still trail the continent-size Escalade SUV. Can Cadillac regain its respect in a luxury sedan segment ruled by Mercedes-Benz? That task falls to CMO Uwe Ellinghaus (himself a German import, having worked for BMW for 15 years). Ellinghaus appeared at New York's Bryant Park Hotel to take the wraps off Caddy's new creative, and Adweek pulled him over for a quick chat.