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Snapchat Is Trying to Get Publishers to Cut Back on Racy and Misleading Content

Snapchat Discover is one of today's hottest sources of news, but it's possibly ... too hot?

Facebook Aims to Promote Better Journalism, Fight Hoaxes and Work With Local News Outlets

In a blog post on Wednesday, Facebook laid out a fairly elaborate plan to promote better media reporting and consumption. Called the Facebook Journalism Project, it includes a local news initiative, new storytelling formats and fighting hoaxes, among other items.

Facebook Is Enlisting American Users in the Fight Against Fake News

Facebook's going to need all the help it can get to combat fake news. 

Mark Zuckerberg Has Admitted That Facebook Has a Problem With Fake News

Ten days after the U.S. presidential election, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that his company has a problem with proliferating fake stories across the internet.