Skittles’ 2017 Super Bowl Ad Is All About Young Love, Burglary and Saying ‘Katie’ a Lot

At last year's Super Bowl, Skittles showed up to the party with Steven Tyler and one of the oddest ads of the game. This year, the candy brand is keeping it weird—thankfully without any high-pitched antics.

Skittles Will Return to the Super Bowl Next Year in a Campaign by adam&eveDDB

Today Wrigley candy giant Skittles announced that it will be "Skittlizing the Big Game" for Super Bowl LI by way of a new campaign created by adam&eveDDB.

Skittles Responds Tersely to Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet Likening Refugees to Candy

Skittles has responded with uncharacteristic yet appropriate seriousness after being dragged into the presidential race by Donald Trump Jr., son of the Republican nominee, who posted a controversial tweet on Monday with an analogy about Skittles and refugees.

Skittles Sheds Its Rainbow to Celebrate London Pride

Much of Skittles advertising is built around the candy's rainbow profile. But to honor the LGBT pride celebrations in London this past weekend, the brand stripped off its colors.  "So this is kind of awkward, but we're just gonna go ahead and address the rainbow-colored elephant in the room," reads an uncharacteristically monochromatic open letter from the marketer, addressed to revelers, published in print on Friday. "You have the rainbow … we have the rainbow … and usually that's just hunky-dory.  "But this Pride, only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention—yours. And we're not going to be the ones to steal your rainbow thunder, no siree."  See the letter here. Click to enlarge:

Facial-Tracking Technology Shows These 5 Super Bowl Ads Were the Most Engaging

While most people were kicking back, relaxing and watching the Super Bowl over the weekend, software company Lucid and insights platform Qualtrics were conducting a study to determine the most […]

Steven Tyler Sees Himself Made Entirely of Skittles in Candy Brand’s Super Bowl Ad

Skittles on Tuesday joined the parade of brands releasing their full Super Bowl ads early, unveiling its 30-second spot starring Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

DeMarcus Ware Predicted a Skittles Rainbow for Super Bowl Sunday in Real TV Weathercast

Celebrities doing weathercasts is nothing new, but Skittles got into the action Thursday by recruiting Broncos star DeMarcus Ware to offer a real forecast for Super Bowl Sunday—and his prediction included a Skittles-branded rainbow over Santa Clara, Calif., for the Feb. 7 game against the Carolina Panthers.

Steven Tyler Rocks a Candy-Covered Microphone in Lead Up to Skittles’ Super Bowl Ad

If you love Skittles and Aerosmith, have we got good Super Bowl news for you. The veteran rock band's iconic frontman, Steven Tyler, always had What It Takes, and now he's Back in the Saddle for this Crazy teaser starring his Amazing hair (OK we'll stop with the song references now) and a custom mic stand decorated with a rainbow assortment of ... you guessed it. (Update: The team behind the Skittles Super Bowl ad clarified in a follow-up note that the microphone was a gift to Tyler in thanks for appearing in the ad. Sadly, we're told the mic isn't actually in the spot.) The ad, created by DDB Chicago, will mark the second time Skittles has appeared in the Big Game following last year's spot starring two men in an epic arm wrestling contest.

Love It or Hate It, Candy Corn Rules the Trick-or-Treat Bag

According to the National Confectioners Association, some 35 million pounds (about 9 billion kernels) of candy corn will be manufactured this year. Americans are expected to buy 20 million pounds of that batch—15 million for this week alone. In fact, in case you haven't marked your calendar, Oct.

Marshawn Lynch Just Popped Up on a Shopping Channel to Hilariously Sell Skittles

If you happened to be zoning out to the Evine Live home-shopping channel on cable TV at 11:04 a.m. ET this morning, you saw a strange sight. Yes, that was Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch doing a five-minute segment with Evine's Allison Waggoner—in which the pair chatted about the glory of Skittles, and tried to sell you 36 packs for $14.86.