Amazon Isn’t Delivering to Areas It Deems Unsafe Amid Curfews

Cities rocked by protests may see shipping delays

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Amazon is adjusting deliveries as a result of demonstrations and curfews. Amazon
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Amazon deliveries are facing delays in U.S. cities with curfews as well as in areas the company determines are unsafe as demonstrations continue throughout the U.S. following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and partners,” said Amazon Delivery Services spokesperson Rena Lunak in a statement. “We are monitoring the situation closely and have adjusted routes or scaled back typical delivery operations in the affected areas to ensure the safety of our teams.”

And, Lunak added, Amazon may continue to make deliveries after curfew in areas where it is safe and is allowed to do so.

While Amazon did not comment on the specific locations affected, U.S. cities that have imposed curfews include Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Louisville, New York, Washington, D.C., and at least 30 more by some counts.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reports at least 140 U.S. cities had seen daily protests as of June 2.

Bloomberg, however, reported that only “small number of cities” including Chicago have been impacted by delivery limitations and route changes. The outlet also quoted a message Amazon’s delivery drivers received in Chicago on Saturday, which read, “If you are currently out delivering packages, stop immediately and return home. If you have not completed your route, please return undelivered packages to the pick-up location whenever you’re able to do so.”

This marks the second major delivery disruption for Amazon so far this year, after a surge in orders caused delays in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

CFO Brian Olsavsky announced the shift to one-day shipping as a standard benefit for 150 million Prime members in its Q2 earnings call last year.

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@lisalacy Lisa Lacy is a senior writer at Adweek, where she focuses on retail and the growing reach of Amazon.