Oracle Launches Outcome-Based Measurement Tool

Collaborations with Visa and PlaceIQ to help marketers link digital ads to in-store visits

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Moat Outcomes is the latest offering from Oracle Data Cloud. Oracle, Moat, Getty Images
Headshot of Ronan Shields

Oracle Data Cloud has announced the launch of Moat Outcomes, a performance measurement service it maintains will help brands better attribute their marketing interventions to in-store visits.

The launch leverages recently formed relationships between the enterprise software giant and location and payments outfits PlaceIQ and Visa to aide companies from the CPG, retail and restaurant sectors better assess their marketing teams’ ROI.

“Too often, measurement of the impact of campaigns has lagged well behind the campaigns themselves, as data on key business outcomes like sales lift and Return on Investment (ROI) are not available until many weeks or months after the ads have run,” reads a blog post by Kevin Whitcher, vp of product management at Oracle Data Cloud.

“Rather than adjusting and improving a campaign in-flight to drive better business results, advertisers are forced to make-do with slow, out of date results that don’t keep pace with the demands of running a business,” he continued. “With Moat Outcomes, causal measurement becomes more agile and responsive, providing marketers with real-world business results from their ad campaign in as little as ten days.”

Marketing departments across most industry verticals are facing increased demands to demonstrate ROI before their CFOs or procurement departments will approve increases in their advertising budgets with research firm identifying this as a “mission-critical priority” for such teams last month.  

To facilitate this, Nielsen Compass was launched by the eponymous TV measurement firm last week in a bid to show advertisers how their media spend across different media types helps drive sales.

This is practice that is increasingly challenged by data privacy laws, as evidenced earlier this month when Adweek exclusively revealed that Oracle Data Cloud is to shutter its third-party data marketplace in Europe where restrictions ushered in by GDPR prompted it to wind down its operations.

@ronan_shields Ronan Shields is a programmatic reporter at Adweek, focusing on ad-tech.