Facebook Will Reduce Distribution Of or Disapprove Low-Quality Ads

The social network is taking aim at engagement bait, withheld information, sensationalized language

Ads with exaggerated headlines often lead to landing pages that don’t meet expectations

Facebook revealed Wednesday that it is expanding its efforts to reduce the visibility of low-quality ads on its platform.

The social network said it is going after ads that violate its restrictions on low-quality or disruptive content, which typically include:

  • Engagement bait, defined as ads with spammy content that seek to entice people to engage via likes, comments or shares.
Engagement bait
  • Ads that purposefully withhold information in an attempt to convince people to click on them to get the whole story.
Withheld information
  • Ads that use sensationalized language, such as exaggerated headlines, and lead to landing pages with content that doesn’t meet those expectations.
Sensationalized language

Facebook said these low-quality ads will either receive lower distribution in its ad auction or be disapproved altogether, adding that while these restrictions apply to all advertisers, the characteristics mentioned above tend to appear more in ads related to media, entertainment, politics and national issues.

The social network added that if an advertiser has multiple ads flagged for low-quality attributes, the performance of all ads from that advertiser may be impacted.

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