Women Loved Working at Playboy

They still might. Maybe?

Playboy no longer features nude women, but it’s never going to be known for anything other than that. So what was it like to work there as a woman during the magazine’s heyday? According to Elle, pretty cool, actually.

The entire article on what it was like to be a woman staffer at Playboy is worth a read, but below are some choice quotes from former staffers.

Barbara Nellis, former editor:

Whatever hostility was directed at Hefner, bunny ears and tails and all of that stuff, had absolutely zero impact on working there.

Patty Lamberti, former editor:

The job was really intellectually satisfying. I worked with great people. I was shocked by how boring my jobs after that felt. And I kept going from job to job thinking there has to be another place that’s just as interesting.

“Jennifer,” former cartoon editor:

Playboy encouraged you to go back to school. In Chicago some of the low level secretaries when they started they didn’t have a college degree so Playboy paid for their degrees.