The Top 10 Most Popular Lists On Twitter

Lists are one of Twitter’s most powerful features, but they’re criminally underused – both by users, and Twitter themselves.

Indeed, with each new design update, Twitter seems to bury lists deeper and deeper into their platform (although they’re always accessible via your Profile page). However, they remain popular with Twitter veterans and power users, as they allow you to set up and follow specific subsets of users over any topic or theme that you choose. And when a list has been created, anyone can follow it, which means that all of us can benefit from any other user’s hard work.

But what are the most popular lists across all of Twitter?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s Twitter’s own team list which rules the roost, ahead of the rapidly-closing (sigh) Justin Bieber Army and the relatively-distant Blackberry.

Here are the top 10 most-followed lists on Twitter.

  1. Team (by @Twitter, 78,228 followers)
  2. Justinfollowplease (by @Bieberarmy, 61,988 followers)
  3. Blackberry on Twitter (by @Blackberry, 24,902 followers)
  4. World Leaders (by @Verified, 15,681 followers)
  5. Olympians (by @Verified, 12,637 followers)
  6. Most Influential In Tech (by @Scobleizer, 12,328 followers)
  7. Social Media (by @Mashable, 11,523 followers)
  8. Mashable (by @Mashable, 9,722 followers)
  9. Top 50 Funny (by @Favstar, 9,474 followers)
  10. Tech News Brands (by @Scobleizer, 8,218 followers)

(Address book image via Shutterstock.)