Tumblr's New York City Outpost Is Full of User-Made Art

Big numbers surround Tumblr. Nearly three years ago, Yahoo bought the quirky blog platform for a cool $1.1 billion; and today the site hosts nearly 300 million blogs and boasts half a billion monthly visitors. With all those imposing figures floating around, one may assume that the real-life Tumblr would be corporate and buttoned-up. But the company has taken painstaking measures to retain the authenticity and community feeling that it cultivates online. "When designing our space, we aimed to reflect the open-minded, creative culture that exists on Tumblr," said head of office experiences and events Megan Leet. "All of the art on our walls comes directly from the community, like a living Tumblr Dashboard. Tumblr's original mission is to serve creators and being surrounded by their awesome work is a daily inspiration. We wanted the office to feel cozy and inviting while providing a great space for collaboration and productivity."