Today’s RSS Leftovers, Not Including LeBron

Here are a few stories MJD passed on today:

– Want a job? Try becoming a prolific uploader to Youtube. The video-sharing site has announced it will pass out $5 million in grants to a “small” number of users that post quality videos without the help of important resources, like a decent camera. The grants will be based on video views, subscribers and audience engagement, among other criteria. Ok, get the animal bloopers ready.

– Another Newsweek magazine suitor may have fallen out of the running, due to a political campaign. Sydney Harman wants the weekly mag, but his wife, Jane, is running for a congressional seat in California. Her opponent has released a letter, calling out Jane Harman as “an ardent foe of freedom of the press.” Newsweek has shown it wants an apolitical owner. This can’t help Harman’s chances.

– A Nieman Fellow at Harvard has been denied access to the U.S. because of the U.S. Patriot Act. The Colombian journalist Hollman Morris, who created a show called “Contravia,” was coming to the states to study conflict negotiation strategies, international criminal court procedures, and the Rome Statute. Fun stuff. But, unfortunately, Morris, who has spoken out against the current Colombian government, has been held due to the “terrorist activities” statute of the Patriot Act, according to the AP.

– AP oil spill editor Steve Gutkin spoke to the Columbia Journalism Review about his new assignment. Here’s a great quote comparing the oil spill coverage to his previous work reporting on war:

“I have been covering and leading coverage of big, complex stories for many years. During the past six years as AP bureau chief in Jerusalem, I have led a large group of journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian territories. I have also helped lead our coverage in Iraq and Afghanistan…I hope these experiences have given me a deep understanding of our core mission as journalists – to bear witness and to tell a story, and to do so in the most interesting, compelling way possible.”