Study: Fox News is Loved and Hated

It's a tense relationship.

According to a new study on news networks, Americans either love Fox News or they hate it. There’s not much middle ground. The report, by Quinnipiac University, found that Fox News was rated the most trusted and the least trusted TV news source.

The survey asked 1,286 registered voters across the nation about the trustworthiness of network and cable news networks. When asked “Do you trust the journalistic coverage provided by Fox News a great deal, somewhat, not so much, or not at all?” 20 percent answered “a great deal.”

That was good for the largest percentage among the other networks, which included NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and MSNBC. However, 26 percent also answered “not at all” for Fox News’ coverage, also the highest among all news sources.

We imagine the Fox News team is pleased with this dichotomy. It’s better to be loved and hated than to be ignored.