Stock.XCHNG – free stock photo site

Stock.XCHNG is my favorite stock photo site that I’m using if I need some good pictures for my works. I have suggested this site to other people and I have heard only good comments about it.

Stock.XCHNG was launched in February 2001 and now have 500.000 users and a big number of photos which is increasing every day. The idea of Stock.XCHNG is to exchange photographies between people who need them and people who are creating them it is an alternative for expensive stock photography.

At Stock.XCHNG is very high quality photos that is uploaded by the users/photographers so the number of pictures is growing very fast. Every user have possibility to write blog posts so community is build very strong and very Web 2.0. You can also participate at forum of Stock.XCHNG and find something useful at tutorial section.

Don’t be shy, go and take some free photos if you need!

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