Sharon Stone Gets Picked Up by the Post

Harper's Bazaar spread is Friday front-page news.

The cover line at the newsstand end of Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue puts it plainly: SHARON STONE NUDE.


Indeed she is, looking absolutely stunning* on the inside pages at age 57. And on a slow Trump news day, that’s enough for the New York Post to follow (birthday) suit. Here’s the tabloid’s Friday front page:


One of the more intriguing aspects of all this is that Stone is not a cover line for the Harper’s Bazaar September subscribers’ issue. In the mail, that Warhol-ian cover looks like this:


The Bazaar-Stone spread, put together by photographer Mark Abrahams, features a much more risque shot of the actress. Evidently, that pose was either too much for the front of the Post or an image the magazine preferred not to release for that kind of use.

*At press time, the vast majority of Harper’s Bazaar commenters are screaming Photoshop!

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.