Pearl’s Peril is Wooga’s fastest-growing game to date

German social and mobile game developer Wooga today revealed that its latest hidden object game Pearl’s Peril is its fastest growing game to date.

Pearl’s Peril reached one million daily active users (DAU) in 24 days. Diamond Dash, a simple arcade-style game reminiscent of the older casual game Collapse and Wooga’s biggest hit, reached one million DAU 47 days after it was released on Match 16, 2011.

Wooga says that Pearl’s Peril continues to grow steadily. This is also evident in our weekly roundup of the fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU, which this week showed that the game added 305,741 MAU and a 6 percent gain for an estimated total of 5.4 million MAU.

Wooga says that 10 percent of Pearl’s Peril’s total players were acquired with paid advertising, with the rest finding the game organically or through viral features like cross promotions and social requests. Social features like leaderboards and achievements users can share to their Timeline have also increased user retention and growth, Wooga said.

Pearl’s Peril features episodic content and is more focused on story than other Wooga games. Wooga told us about this investment in storytelling in February, when it revealed that Steve Elliot Altman was writing Pearl’s Peril. Wooga believes that this was a focus that paid off, with Pearl’s Peril showing 50 percent higher one-day retention and 80 percent higher seven-day retention than Diamond Dash on the web (Diamond Dash was also released as a mobile title).

You can read Inside Social Games’ favorable review of the game here.

Wooga released the following information along with an infographic included bellow, which contains more details about the game’s popularity.