5 Ways To Get Netflix On Your TV

There's no shortage of ways to enjoy Netflix, but with all the choices which is right for you? Check out this roundup of our top ways to get Netflix streaming to your TV.

Thinking about subscribing to Netflix but at a loss with the many ways to get those flicks streaming to your TV? Fear not – we’ve got 5 easy ways to get the video streaming service humming in your living room so you can enjoy everything the service has to offer from the comfort of your couch. Haven’t got your free trial yet? Just head on over to the Netflix website and sign up, then choose from this list and decide which is best for you.

Set-Top Media Players

With the array of media players on the market, there’s no shortage of devices that support Netflix. Valentines Day saw the long awaited Netflix update to Boxee Box, the social web video player from D-Link that was released in September of 2010 after a couple of years as a software-only product (a patch has yet to be released for the software-only version). Within the Boxee interface, Netflix is served up as an application so you can easily browse, discover and get movie recommendations. Other media players in this field that offer Netflix support include popular choices like Roku, Popbox, Western Digital WD Live, and FreeAgent Theater+ from Seagate. You can also access your own content with these devices too.

Video Game Consoles: Wii / Xbox / PS3

Video gamers have the option to turn take a break from blasting their buddies in Call of Duty multiplayer to catch a Net flick. No matter what your preferred console, Netflix streams video to popular consoles like Wii, Xbox and PS3. When you subscribe, you’ll have the option to choose how you’d like to watch films. Depending on the console you’ll either get a Netflix software disc mailed to you or the app will be already available when go Online.

Internet-connected Devices (BluRay players, HDTV sets)

Now that lines between internet and TV have become increasingly blurred (no pun intended), it’s no surprise companies like LG, Philips and Sony have all jumped on the bandwagon and released BluRay players and TV’s that are preconfigured with Netflix out of the box. The setup couldn’t be easier, either: all you need is a Wireless connection or an Internet cable plugged into your TV or BluRay player.

Desktop / Laptop

These days on the web, video has become all the rage. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo have paved the way for companies like Hulu and Netflix to bring premium content to computer screens everywhere. Netflix subscribers can instantly get access to thousands of TV episodes and films on demand, regardless if your on a PC or Mac.

Mobile Devices

Why should couch potatoes have all the Netflix fun? iPhone, Windows Phone and even iPad users have the option to download the Netflix app to their phone and stream their favorite TV shows and movies on their mobile device. With mobile handset usage on the rise, this is likely to be one of the biggest areas of growth for Netflix as more users look to enjoy their content while on the move.