Momentus’ Community Health Grader Scores Facebook Pages on Engagement

Page management company Momentus Media recently released Facebook Community Health Grader, a free, easy-to-use web-based app that “grades” a Facebook Page on the engagement of its fans. The tool serves to attract Page admins to the Momentus site where they can learn about the company’s services.

Users enter a Page’s URL, and the site calculates total Likes, and comments, Likes, and community wall posts per day Momentus’ Health Grader awards a percentile and letter grade of success. You can also see how your Page compares to other Pages in the same category.

The most telling statistic may be admin posts per day. As Page unlikes are relatively rare, there’s little danger in Page admins posting too often as long as they have compelling content to share. Andy Carvin, NPR’s social media strategist, said that even posting ten times a day didn’t cause a significant increase in unsubscribes, but did expose content to more users and helped Page growth. If admins see their posts per day is below 1, they should definitely consider posting more.

What’s interesting about the concept of the Health Grader is that while user stats-based apps are common on Facebook, it’s somewhat rare to see this applied to Facebook Pages. These types of tools follow the trend of many Twitter grader apps, but since fewer Facebook users are actually Page admins, there’s less potential for viral growth.

Ultimately the tool gives a good and quick overview of Page health, but doesn’t provide the detail of Facebook Insights or other more comprehensive pay-for-service programs. For more information about Page management companies, check out the service provider index that’s part of the Facebook Marketing Bible, our all-inclusive guide to marketing on Facebook.