Microsoft and Google Battle it Out for Real-Time Facebook Search Results

Google has received a lesser deal than what Microsoft got out of its deal with Facebook. The widely used social network is now being tapped for socially-driven real time search results, helping Microsoft and Google to give contextually improved search queries. Yet Microsoft’s Bing has access to all of Facebook’s public news feeds for this purpose, while the recently revealed details of Google’s deal with Facebook indicates that the massive search engine will only be able to access the public news feeds of Facebook Pages.

Does this mark an impending problem for Google? Not likely. Google has a tendency to make friends wherever necessary, and open up its own offerings for the betterment of the consumer experience. To this end, many of the open platform initiatives are following suit, working somewhat cooperatively with other platforms in hopes of creating joint access to any given consumer for long-term brand building.

The idea behind these joint efforts is that both platforms will benefit from a consumer’s ability to move seamlessly between the two services. In some cases it’s better for companies to work together towards these goals instead of against each other, as the idea of stealing market share around social networks and their subsequent user data is an uphill battle against the consumers, at this point.