WBUR-FM Producer Joins New York Times

Lisa Tobin is leaving the Boston NPR station after five years.

Earlier this spring, The New York Times formalized its plans for audio content expansion, appointing Samantha Henig as editorial director for that area. Today, Kinsey Wilson and Sam Dolnick sent word of the newest addition to Henig’s team.

Joining the audio department in July, as an executive producer, will be Lisa Tobin (pictured), a senior producer at Boston NPR station WBUR-FM who helped create the paper’s most successful podcast to date. From today’s memo:

Modern Love, the first podcast to briefly displace Serial at the top of the charts, was Tobin’s idea. Lisa has launched feature shows, like the literary advice podcast Dear Sugar Radio, based on the cult-favorite advice column.

She has developed newsy shows, including a daily podcast produced in partnership with The Boston Globe during the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And, she has incorporated audio into giant multimedia projects, like Bulger on Trial.

If you want to listen to a chilling bit of audio, go to that Whitey Bulger WBUR-FM report and click on the embedded excerpt of testimony from the gangster’s former hit man. The witness talks about a certain 1988 Boston Globe article and then calmly answers the question, “You would have killed him [Bulger], wouldn’t you?”

At the end of today’s NYT memo, there is a tantalizing bit of tactical information. Once Tobin has settled in, she and Henig plan to solicit podcast ideas from any and all Times colleagues! That’s going to be a cool list.

Photo via: nytco.com

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