Here’s Your Guide to This Weekend’s Virtual LGBTQ Pride Events

Pride celebrations go online—and bigger than ever

pride flags and scenes
While local parades might be canceled this year, you can attend an LGBTQ Pride celebration anywhere in the world. Illustration by Kacy Burdette
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Each June, streets all over the world light up with colorful LGBTQ Pride marches and festivals. But this year, the Covid-19 pandemic has radically altered those plans.

While some cities will see live marches—Taiwan will have a Pride parade in the streets as usual—and other events have turned into protests combining Pride and Black Lives Matter themes, the overwhelming majority of LGBTQ Pride festivities have moved online.

And we stress the term overwhelming: Not only are there more virtual Prides than could ever fit into one news story, this weekend will also see events explode in attendance as people from all over the world are able to take (virtual) part in foreign Pride festivals for the first time in history.

The largest of the weekend’s events will be Global Pride, the first LGBTQ festival that boasts participation from all seven continents including Antarctica, and runs for 24 nonstop hours. That event features political leaders and prime ministers, LGBTQ activists, cultural performances, and some big celebrity names in programming representing over 90 nations.

While Global Pride is shaping up to be the biggest—organizers project roughly 300 million people with “attend” virtually—there are countless other events that span scale from global and national to the more niche.

Instead of being limited to your local Pride festival (or not having a nearby event to take part in at all), with just a cell phone or computer, you can head to Brazil, Nigeria or India. To help you celebrate, Adweek has listed just some of 2020’s virtual Pride weekend events:

The Big Ones

  • Stonewall Day: The third annual Stonewall Day fundraiser will benefit LGBTQ organizations that suffered financially due to the pandemic, including Trans Lifeline, the Ally Coalition, TransLatina Coalition and Brave Space Alliance. Former President Barack Obama will address viewers, who can also expect to see celebrities including Taylor Swift, George Takei and Ellen Degeneres. Corporate partners include WarnerMedia, Nasdaq, Pride Media and ViacomCBS’s LGBTQ platform Logo, which will stream the event on YouTube starting Saturday morning.
  • NYC Broadcast Event: New York’s Pride parade isn’t just one of the biggest in the world, it was also the first—launching in 1970 to commemorate the Stonewall uprising against police raids on gay bars the year before. This year, Heritage of Pride partnered with ABC to broadcast an event featuring celebrities like Janelle Monae, Billy Porter, Margaret Cho and Dan Levy. The “parade” hits TV screens on Sunday at noon Eastern on ABC.
  • Them.’s Out Now Live: This Pride event from Condé Nast’s LGBTQ platform them. streamed live on Monday, but it can still be viewed online and features an impressive array of big names, from athletes to drag queens and Hollywood A-listers. Even Whoopi Goldberg stopped by to say “Happy Pride.” Watch on them.
  • Lesbians Who Tech Virtual Pride Summit: The annual Lesbians Who Tech summit just gets bigger and better in virtual form. This year’s speakers include Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, celebrities like Megan Rapinoe and Angelica Ross, and out business leaders like Jen Wong and Beth Ford. The summit continues through Friday afternoon.

Regional Events

  • Virtual Pride Ghana Connects: LGBTQ communities in African countries are often under threat; in Ghana, homosexuality is illegal and carries a penalty of three years in prison. But virtual Pride means a global community can offer support to programs like LGBT Rights Ghana’s monthlong series of Instagram Live interviews.
  • Nigeria’s Glow Up Pride: In Nigeria, where homosexuality is illegal, punishment can be as much as 14 years in prison—or death by stoning, for those who live in the country’s 14 states under Sharia Law. But the brave LGBTQ Nigerians behind the Queer City podcast are throwing a party anyway today, also on Instagram.
  • India’s Queer Muslim Project x British Council #Prideathome: The British Council of India hosts a series taking viewers into queer and trans Indian film, music, dance and theater, culminating in a virtual roundtable with community leaders this Sunday.
  • Costa Rica’s Virtual Pride Parade: There are a lot of regional Pride events, but we chose to include Costa Rica’s because its format is among the most creative we’ve seen so far: a landing page that leads to an adorable animated march with figures added in real time as people join the parade.
  • San Francisco’s Illuminate the Pink Triangle: Wells Fargo sponsors this massive art installation that lights up SF’s Twin Peaks with a glowing pink triangle, the historic symbol used by Nazis to identify prisoners as LGBTQ in camps that has since been reclaimed. The lighting ceremony takes place Saturday at 7 p.m. Pacific.

Entertainment and Special Interest

  • HBO’s Human by Orientation: HBO set aside 11 days for its LGBTQ Pride programming, and this weekend it continues with a virtual version of the popular Brooklyn dance party Papi Juice, with performances by Kim Petras, Janelle Monae and more. Watch online.
  • Believe Out Loud: Religious faith as an LGBTQ person can lead to conflict and isolation from one’s place of worship, so the LGBTQ Christian organization Believe Out Loud will host a special Pride church on Sunday.
  • Pose-a-thon: The stars of the FX hit show Pose will spend an hour Friday night celebrating Pride while raising money for the Transgender Legal Defense Fund, the Hetrick-Martin Institute and GLSEN. The party also airs on FX, Freeform and Hulu at 10 p.m. Eastern Friday.
  • Hetrick-Martin Youth Pride: Celebs and LGBTQ leaders come together to speak directly to queer and trans youth of color in this four-part series that ends with an event on Monday. From Big Freedia and B. Hawk Snipes to Sandra Bernhard and Taylor Dane, this is one virtual party that kids of all ages can enjoy.
  • Jack Daniel’s Drag Queen Mukbang: A mukbang is a form of foodie entertainment popularized in South Korea, during which hosts eat a lot of food and spill the tea. On Saturday, makeup artist Patrick Starr joins drag queens Gia Gunn, Eugene Lee Yang and Laganja Estranja to raise money for a slew of local-level LGBTQ nonprofits across the country. Watch online.

To find groups across the U.S. holding festivities for Pride, GLAAD has compiled dozens of daily events into a searchable Pride Guide.

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