Kabam shutting down Thirst of Night at the end of this month

Kabam is shutting down its vampire-themed core score social game, Thirst of Night.

The announcement was made via an email sent out to the game’s players, revealing the game (which is still technically in beta) will be shut down on Thursday, Jan. 31; this includes taking all of the title’s servers offline. According to the shutdown FAQ, players will no longer be able to buy hard currency Rubies and the Thirst of Night Payments System has been turned off.

If players have Rubies left over, Kabam is offering to transfer the last six months of Ruby purchases (up to $5,000) to one of its other games. Kingdoms of Camelot will be the default title the developer will transfer players’ accounts to, but players can contact the Thirst of Night team if they want to have their account transferred to a different game.

Thirst of Night is one of Kabam’s older games, having been a flagship title that was available on Pokki’s platform, Google+ and as a full-screen downloadable app from Download.com. Interestingly enough, though, the game never came to Facebook, so it’s not possible to use our AppData traffic tracking service to investigate its traffic levels. However, the majority of Kabam’s revenue comes from off-Facebook sources (like its iOS hit with Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle For The North), so it’s not surprising Kabam never brought it to the social network.

Core social games shut down by larger developers typically have fewer than 50,000 daily active users, but can stick around for quite some time with even fewer (witness: Dragon Age Legends managed to limp along for quite some time with 10,000 DAU before EA announced its closure). On the site providing details about the shutdown, Kabam mentions Thirst of Night’s “declining lifespan”, so it’s likely the game’s audience had shrunk to similar numbers.

For more information about the shutdown and what options are available for users looking to continue onto other Kabam titles, users can visit the official closure FAQ.