Jim Sciutto: The Hot Dad

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Washingtonian MOM came out with its winter edition this week, and guess who got the nod for their “The Hot Dad” segment? None other than CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent and father of two boys, Jim Sciutto.

FishbowlDC asked his wife and ABC News’ Asia correspondent, Gloria Riviera, what do you think of Jim being a “hot dad”?

“I think it’s super fun! In a lighthearted way it captures the juxtaposition so many working fathers are living everywhere. It may be more extreme in a place like DC, but fundamentally it’s the same all over. By day, a father spends his work day furrowing his eyebrows and holding forth. When off the clock, he’s at the beck and call of the latest Lego project. I also simply love that a magazine devoted to moms takes a moment to celebrate the dads as well.”

Professionally, Jim reports on a world that is complex, ever-changing, and often dangerous. But the Jim we see on TV is quite different than Jim the family man.

“For me personally it made me smile big,” continued Gloria. “I love that the Jim people see on TV was revealed to be a chocolate worshipping Lego obsessed Tickle Monster who laughs out loud watching Toy Story II. And I am proud too – he’s a good father and while he is certainly most often recognized for his role as a reporter to me it’s who he is to our boys that matters the most. For us personally it was a hoot. Jim’s 3 older sisters will no doubt revel in giving him a serious ribbing for his first photo spread!”

It’s always nice to hear that those you look up to are also relatable and genuinely cool people outside the spotlight. Keep being awesome, Jim.