Infiniti’s New Social Campaign Acknowledges the ‘New Normal’ of Commuting

Critical Mass worked with the automaker to bring positives to the negative situation

Luxury automaker Infiniti teamed up with global digital experience design agency Critical Mass on a social campaign looking at how the coronavirus pandemic and resulting social distancing guidelines have taken vehicles out of the commuting equation over the past few weeks as people work from home.

The Work From Home Commutes campaign kicks off with a series of first-person point-of-view social videos depicting people “commuting” from their bedrooms to their home offices, or elsewhere within their homes.

Infiniti will also welcome user-generated-content submissions to extend the campaign.

Nick Sparacino, the automaker’s senior manager of interactive marketing and social media, said, “As we’ve seen, our day-to-day lives have changed, and we wanted to be able to acknowledge that change with our customers and bring a little positivity and levity to our current situations. Human-centricity is our focus now more than ever.”

Critical Mass associate creative director Stefan Smith added, “Infiniti’s vehicles have always gone above and beyond to make every drive—your commute included—a special experience. But with our cars parked neatly away as we all work from home, our commutes have changed. While we’re all adapting to this new normal and seeing how it’s playing out on social media, we wanted to weigh in with a fun look at what that commute looks like when you’re working remotely.”

And Critical Mass associate strategy director Kyle Bottoms said, “Empathy is everything in moments of crisis. We’re at home, our clients are at home and our audience is at home. It’s important that the message we share brings a moment of togetherness.”

Infiniti/Critical Mass


Critical Mass

Stefan Smith, associate creative director

Katrina Regino, senior designer

Kris Cipriano, designer

Kyle Penn, copywriter

Alex Nirenberg, senior studio artist

Kyle Bottoms, associate strategy director

Jillian Zatka, strategist

Mark Stojack, vice president, client partner

Audrey Weddington, senior account manager

Josie Van Der Velden, senior producer

Abby Miller, producer